About our  Service

We use a unique carpet cleaning technology which uses NO water. Using micro sponge technology we can remove ground in dirt and odours without getting your carpets wet. Carpets are left looking and smelling great and ready to use straight away.

Dry cleaning is better for your carpet. With no water or harsh chemicals there is no risk of damage or discouloration to your carpet.

Its better for you health. Our powerful vacuum system removes dust, allergens and animal hair from your carpet.


Longer lasting clean. After wet cleaning spots and marks can return as the carpet dries, with our system the carpet stays clean.

Great value for money, Competitive pricing with other dry carpet cleaning companies.

Deep cleans and lifts the pile of your carpets.

We use Host dry extraction system

CArpet cleaning Pricing
First 2 carpets  £65                       
3 Carpets  £85                                  
4+ Carpets add £15 per room


Prices may vary for larger rooms or double rooms, call for more details.

Hall and staircase usually charged as one room.

Woolsafe approved

Watch this video to see how dry carpet cleaning works